The ITS method was invented after listening to users of frozen rawmaterial blocks complaining about the loss of protein in traditional thawing processes, - a better way had to exist. 

ITS is fundamentally different from conventional immersion fish thawing systems, using tubs or tanks with lukewarm water and violent air injection, in which the entire frozen fishblocks are submerged for a lengthy treatment time. With such systems, the outermost layer of the block is over-exposed, meaning the fish meat in this outermost layer will be damaged, since some proteins detach and disappear as foam.  In other words, the quality and yield suffers.
Seagain believes that neither raised temperature nor direct air should be used in the treatment of raw fish for producing high quality fillet products.

The individual floating fish will sink only when very little frost remains in them. Then the fish are collected in tubs with icewater, for equilibration to e.g. +0°c prior to further treatment like filleting.

Unsurprisingly, the fillet quality is better than experienced before from thawed whitefish.

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