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Seagain is partnering in a Faroe Island based project to develop a machine to automatically pick and separate livers from the remaining entrails. 
The DeLiver machine can separate livers from any size whitefish as well as livers from machine-gutted entrails.
We expect to bring the fully developed machine to the markets later in 2018.

The Inventor

The innovation: 

"The FLH-machine is connected to the gutting process, and is automatically separating the fish livers from the rest of the guts. The innovation is to utilize the difference in specific gravity of the livers and the rest of the guts, to obtain the separation. The onboard FLH-machine can easily be adapted to become a solution for onshore labour-intensive processing of ungutted fish, which also represents an interesting market for the FLH-machine. 

Unique solution.
For automatic harvesting of fish livers from machine-gutted fish, we know of no other competing solution. Utilizing fish livers from manually gutted fish, the competition only comes from manually picked fish livers. This is labourintensive work, difficult to perform in harsh weather. The FLH-machine can be used for manually gutted as well as for machinegutted fish. Using the FLH-machine and associated handling units will reduce the crew’s manual work substantially.

The challenge and the solution.
On today’s modern fishing trawlers substantial valuable organic material is wasted due to inadequate technologies for separating and capturing the valuable parts of the guts. The entrails are normally discharged directly back to the sea through pipes connected to the gutting machines. More than 95 % of all fish liver is wasted.
However, the patented innovation, the new Fish-Liver-Harvester (FLH) machine, provides for the first time in the history of fishing technology onboard high sea trawlers to automatically harvesting the valuable fish livers. The FLH-machine will become a game changer for the high sea fishing industry. Strong encouraging interest for the FLH-machine has been received from individual fishing boat owners and their crews. 

Technical Concept and methodology.
The principle of the FLH-machine is simple. It is based on the well known fact that the oily fish livers are floating in sea water. The special weight property of the fish liver is utilized in separating the livers from the rest of the entrails during the transportation in sea water within the machine. It is fully automatic and therefore easy to use.

The design is unique and has been patented by DeLiver SpF".



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